Containing Call Consumption by 15.6%, The Sum of All

A cost containment project is based on good communication, strong leadership and the complicity of the entire organization.

The starting point for one of our clients in the FMCG sector consisted of growing spending on telecommunications year after year, despite achieving improvements in rates and discounts. The Organization and Systems Department had to accept a lower budget knowing that any deviation would have a negative impact on the different projects of its department. With this scenario we proposed to draw up an austerity plan that would help to get an oxygen balloon.

The objective for Lean Focus was clear and we knew that if we had the collaboration of the client we could achieve it.

After an analysis of the consumption patterns of the last two years, it was observed that the minutes of the calls increased.

It was proposed to carry out a project to promote self-containment in use based on individualized communication and by departments of telecommunications spending, based on two services: sending emails to all users communicating different data associated with their individual consumption and the individualized accessibility of users and supervisors to the Phone Focus website in which the information on the consumption of both landlines and mobile phones is reflected.

Three months after the project was launched, the expectations of reduction in minutes raised had already been exceeded. The final result after the evaluation of the first year of operation has been a reduction in spending of 15.6% only due to the reduction in the number of calls and their duration.

We must highlight the excellent reception of this project by all the members of the organization, as well as the full involvement of the Department of Organization and Systems of our client.

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